The 2017 event had 344 players and collectively all of you, along with your friends and guests and our wonderful sponsors and hard-working volunteers, raised a magnificent figure of €101,315 for the Pinmar Golf Charity Fund which smashed our record and takes our total over our 29 years to €944,415. This tee's us up perfectly to break through the one million euro mark at the next tournament - our special 30th year celebration.

The hire of buggies, golf clubs and trolleys, along with the bars on the course and on the terrace and the lunch in the clubhouse, helped to raise nearly €30k over the two days. The brilliant volunteers selling raffle tickets over all three days raised a very impressive €22,098. Huge thanks to you all for buying so many tickets and also to everyone who bid so generously in the silent auction (organised as usual by James Marsden of Impulse Decisions) and the live auction (with prizes generously donated by Voly, Rolling Stock, Priva, Superyacht Supplies and personal prizes from Paul Lawrie & Kirsty Gallacher). Special thanks to Alan Dale of Burgess and the International Yacht Brokers Charity Golfers Association who very kindly donated a total of €1,500 to our fund.

As always the funds will be shared across a wide range of causes both here and abroad including: Joves Navegants, Fundación Handisports, OK Prosthetics, Tyume Valley Schools, Sail 4 Cancer and Serve-on. We are commited to the relief effort in the Caribbean following Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and marine conservation projects - without which the superyacht industry has no future.

The winners of the 2016 event Zenobia, who won the right to nominate the beneficiaries of half of this year's fund, have handpicked The Saïd Foundation which seeks to improve the life chances of young people through education and care, independent medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières, Liverpool-based homeless and housing charity The Whitechapel Centre and the Shambhala Foundation which helps vulnerable young people in Mallorca.

So thank you again to all our golfers, guests, organizers and volunteers for your continued support and generosity and to all our Birdie, Eagle, Albatross and Condor sponsors without whom the Pinmar Golf would simply not exist.

Nick Entwisle

The Saïd Foundation

The Saïd Foundation seeks to improve the life chances of children and young people by providing them with opportunities to receive good education and care.

The Foundation aims to create a lasting legacy by enabling young people to fulfil their potential, whether by achieving positions of leadership in their future professional fields or by overcoming disadvantages such as disability, through opportunities for learning, skills development and community-based care that will have a beneficial impact on their own lives and on the wider community.

The Foundation focuses in particular on the countries of Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and the United Kingdom. The Foundation is a non-political and non-sectarian organisation. Our partners include non-governmental organisations, educational institutions, other charities, government ministries and individuals.

Medecins sans frontieres

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

MSF was founded in Paris, France in 1971. Its principles are described in the organisation's founding charter. It is a non-profit, self-governed organisation.

Today, MSF is a worldwide movement of 21 sections, 24 associations and various other offices. They are bound together by MSF International, based in Geneva, Switzerland, which provides coordination, information and support to the MSF Movement. Thousands of health professionals, logistical and administrative staff – most of whom are hired locally – work on programmes in 71 countries worldwide.

Whitechapel Centre

The Whitechapel Centre was started in 1975 to meet the needs of homeless people in Liverpool. This is still our main aim and we are committed to it, but we have learnt a lot since then, we are facing new challenges and we are continually adapting.

We believe it is essential to empower and enable people to live independently. We work with some of the most vulnerable, isolated and lonely people in our community. Our daily activity sessions build confidence, skills and capability. Our support workers prepare clients to take on a tenancy, deal with health issues or addictions, develop budgeting skills and move into suitable, good quality homes.

YachtAid Global

YachtAid Global (YAG) coordinates the acquisition and delivery of humanitarian aid to coastal communities in need or impacted by natural disasters in collaboration with a global network of volunteers, vetted NGOs and disaster relief experts.

YAG abides by agenda-free aid and leverages vetted strategic partners and proven processes in ensuring timely, needs-verified, ethical and responsible aid delivery. Our model enables and accelerates larger quantities of donations and timely global distribution at no cost to recipient communities.

Shambhala Fundacion

The Shambhala Foundation was created to address the plight endured by a significant number of youths who find themselves on the wrong path due to adverse circumstances. It was created not only out of a sense of humanitarian responsibility and compassion to help the vulnerable, but also in recognition that their actions and behavior impact all who live around them.

The Shambhala Foundation seeks to protect, assist and promote the vulnerable youths of Mallorca who lack education, security and opportunity. The Foundation will enable them to achieve their full physical, emotional, intellectual and social potential with four integrated programmes; Education, Martial Arts & fitness, Mentoring and Community services



1989 Bendinat Anchorage NOT RECORDED
1990 Bendinat Cowboy Town NOT RECORDED
1991 Son Vida Cowboy Town NOT RECORDED
1992 Son Vida Son Gual NOT RECORDED
1993 Santa Ponsa Son Termens NOT RECORDED
1994 Santa Ponsa Son Gual NOT RECORDED
1995 Poniente Casino - Sala 6.000€
1996 Poniente Casino - Sala 4.000€
1997 Son Vida Casino - Sala 6.200€
1998 Poniente Casino - Show 6.200€
1999 Poniente Casino - Show 6.000€
2000 Poniente Casino - Show 10.250€
2001 Poniente Casino - Show 13.250€
2002 Poniente Pirates - Show 20.000€
2003 Poniente Pirates - Show 27.600€
2004 Son Antem Es Foguero 45.000€
2005 Son Antem Es Foguero 34.200€
2006 Son Antem Es Foguero 50.000€
2007 Son Antem Es Foguero 50.000€
2008 Son Quint Es Foguero 55.000€
2009 Son Quint CFWM - Show 38.000€
2010 Son Gual CFWM - Show 46.000€
2011 Son Gual CFWM - Show 67.000€
2012 Son Gual CFWM - Show 72.000€
2013 Son Gual Son Termens 80.000€
2014 Son Gual Pueblo Español 60.000€
2015 Son Gual Pueblo Español 65.000€
2016 Son Gual Pueblo Español 81.000€
2017 Son Gual Son Amar 101.315€
Thank you all for your continued support!

Sail 4 Cancer

Dear Nick, Peter and Team,

We want to say a very big thank you for the donation we received from last year’s event. It is very much appreciated and an association that we are very proud of. It means so much to us as a small charity that the Pinmar Golf has continued to support us and that the sponsors, supporters and guests appreciate our work and want to help us support the families who are in desperate need of a break.

We have seen a steep increase in the number of families referred to us over the past year and we are aiming to provide respite breaks for a record number of beneficiaries in 2018 to keep up with the demand. It is only possible because we have wonderful supporters like you and the generosity of this caring industry.

Thank you so much and we hope you have a very successful event again this year. Below is feedback we received recently from a family who has been on a much-needed break:

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have just returned from a break that would not have been possible without the support of your charity. It allowed us time together as a family, away from appointments and thinking about cancer. We laughed a lot and spent quality relaxing time together which hasn't happened for a long time! We are forever grateful to you and the generous people who donate and make these valuable breaks possible. Thank you!” Jessica

Thank you!

Lizette van Niekerk
Fundraising Manager
Sail 4 Cancer

Dear All at Pinmar,

It was with such joy that I received the phone call this morning, notifying us that Shambhala would be benefitting from the incredible work you all do in your annual golf tournament.

To hear from Nick Entwisle that the winners of the Pinmar Golf event, MY Zenobia, had included Shambhala in their allocation of charity funds, well that was just incredibly unexpected and massively appreciated. From all of us at Shambhala and especially the youths whose lives are so massively impacted, THANK YOU ZENOBIA for remembering us, for including us and for believing in us to make us one of your allocated charities.

Every year I actually pinch myself with the magic that has become Shambhala, I look at the youths who come to us for help and I watch them as they leave and enter employment, their lives irreversibly changed.

This year we opened up our doors to two young Syrian refugees, you can’t even imagine their hardship and how desperate they were to find support, and we increased our numbers from 20 to 25. Next year we will with any luck open up our first Shambhala centre so that we can help so many more youths and not limit our numbers.

When we open our Youth Centre there will be a little plaque specially reserved for Pinmar because we couldn’t have done this without your endless support. To the winners a special thank you and I hope one day you will visit our Shambhala Centre and feel great pride that you were part of this!

Thank you, all of you, so much.

Suzie Black
Shambhala Fundacion